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Class Tuition

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Tuition may be paid through PayPal by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer, or through the mail by check.

Class Tuition

Tuition for Latin classes is paid through PayPal.

Tuition is collected on a semester-by-semester basis, at the time you sign up. The current rate for new students (for any Carmenta Online Latin group class, of any level) is $750.00 USD per semester course. Tuition must be paid through PayPal ($25 PayPal fee added) by credit card, debit card, or transfer from your bank account.

Details of how to sign up for a class and pay for it are communicated during our sign-up process.

If you would like to sign up for a Carmenta Latin class, please click here: Class Sign-Up.


It is not the policy of Carmenta Online Latin to provide refunds of tuition except in the event of extreme extenuating circumstances early in the semester (the first two calendar weeks). Examples of such an emergency would be a medical problem that makes continuation of the class impossible or a sudden death of a friend or family member. Since we adhere strictly to this policy, we ask that you please make certain you are ready to commit the time and energy involved in taking a 54-hour-per-semester class before signing up. The total number of sections for one class in any semester is based on total enrollment, and each class requires a considerable time commitment from the instructor.