Latin 1B Class - Intro to Latin Semester 2

54 class sessions
54 hours*
Next Class Dates: Spring 2019 (Feb. - June 2019)
Class Prerequisites: Latin 1A
Required Texts: Wheelock's Latin, 7th Ed. and Workbook for Wheelock's Latin
Current Instructor: Derek S.*
Average Rating: 5/5 (4 ratings)
$750.00 ($775 USD when paid through PayPal)

Class Learning Goals

Students learn slightly more advanced aspects of the Latin language, including more declensions and verb forms, allowing them to translate and use the language with far greater facility.

Class Description

Our Online Latin Course's second Latin class builds on what students learned in the previous semester. Curriculum for Latin 1B includes the personal pronounds Ego, Tu, and Is; the perfect system of verbs; reflexive pronouns and possessives; intensive adjectives/pronouns; 3rd-declension i-stem nouns; 3rd-declension adjectives; 4th-declension nouns; relative pronouns; passive verb forms; and special case uses.

Class Details

The next session of Latin 1B runs from Feb. to June 2019. It is an accredited live online class held through Skype at pre-scheduled times. The Carmenta Latin 1B class operates just like an in-person class, with teacher and students hearing and seeing each other in real time. Students enroll in either the morning or the evening section. The Morning Section is held M/W/F 11 AM - noon Eastern Time. The Evening Section is held M/W/F 8-9 PM Eastern Time. The class is open to all students ages 13 and up, both teenagers and adults. This Latin 1B class is the second class of the 8-semester accredited Carmenta Latin Course. All students are required to begin the course in Latin 1A and proceed through the course in order — students are not allowed to begin in Latin 1B or above. Students who would like to begin at a higher level have the option of taking the accredited Carmenta Course through one of our One-on-One Latin Instructors.

Each class session is 1 hour long if class enrollment is 5 students or more. If 3 or 4 students are enrolled in a class, then class sessions are 45 minutes long; if there are 1 or 2 students, then they are 30 minutes long.

Students who enroll in Latin 1B need to purchase the two required textbooks: Wheelock's Latin and Workbook for Wheelock's Latin. Click Here to purchase textbooks. Students are expected to have both textbooks by the first day of class.

For a complete overview of Latin 1B class policies, please take a look at our Policies page.

To see answers to people's most common questions about the Carmenta Latin Course, check out our FAQs page.

Class Curriculum

Latin 1B Class

Chapters 11-20 of Wheelock includes:

  • Chapter 11. Personal Pronouns Ego, Tu, and Is; Demonstratives Is and Idem
  • Chapter 12. Perfect Active System of All Verbs
  • Chapter 13. Reflexive Pronouns and Possessives; Intensive Pronoun
  • Chapter 14. I-Stem Nouns of the Third Declension; Ablatives of Means, Accompaniment, and Manner
  • Chapter 15. Numerals; Genitive of the Whole; Genitive and Ablative with Cardinal Numerals; Ablative of Time
  • Chapter 16. Third Declension Adjectives
  • Chapter 17. The Relative Pronoun
  • Chapter 18. First and Second Conjugations: Passive Voice of the Present System; Ablative of Agent
  • Chapter 19. Perfect Passive System of All Verbs; Interrogative Pronouns and Adjectives
  • Chapter 20. Fourth Declension; Ablatives of Place from Which and Separation

Class Ratings & Reviews

5/5 Average Rating
4 Reviews
61 Students


"I think my teacher is good because he is focused and cares about teaching. My teacher has helped me with adjusting to Latin. I think my teacher does a great job with helping me learn."

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Rating: 5/5

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Rating: 5/5

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*This is the class' current or most recent instructor. Though the class is always the same, the class has a different instructor each semester.